Recent Before & After Photos

Sewer Backup In Commercial Basement

The clients and employees of this Commercial Property noticed a terrible smell in their building.  Upon further inspection, a custodian discovered the sour... READ MORE

Water Main Break Causes Extensive Damage

A water main break sent water rushing into this basement.  Almost all of the personal belongings were completely submerged and ruined.  SERVPRO of Edi... READ MORE

Deep Freeze causes pipe burst

Below zero temperatures and strong winds caused a pipe to burst in this home.  The pipe burst in a room above the room in the "Before" picture, sending wat... READ MORE

Storm sends 3 feet of water into basement

Heavy rains and flash flooding were too much for the sump pump to handle.  Storm waters flooded three feet high in this basement laundry room.In the "Befor... READ MORE

Sewer backup in Rahway, NJ

This sewage backup caused a great deal of damage throughout the finished basement. SERVPRO of Edison arrived within an hour of receiving the phone call from the... READ MORE

Mold Remediation on a boat

This dredge ship was out at sea when Hurricane Joaquin passed by. The crew closed down all the hatches and openings and sealed it shut for over 3 weeks. After... READ MORE

Sewer backup in Colonia, NJ

This family’s basement had a sewer backup that went undetected for some time. There was quite a bit of content (a ping pong table, clothing, furniture, etc) wh... READ MORE

Moldy Basement in Woodbridge, NJ

This unoccupied basement apartment flooded and then sat for weeks before the homeowners discovered it. By that time, mold had grown 4 feet high on all of the w... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Avenel, NJ

The owners of this Carteret home had been noticing a musty smell in their laundry room for quite some time. Finally, they discovered a clue behind the washer a... READ MORE

Fire Damage Restoration

The fire damage in this commercial building was caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette near the building’s exterior wall. The ceiling and walls inside were... READ MORE